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REPORTS TO: Supervisor Cook / Sous Chef / Chef / Manager Dpto / Sup. Internal


Preparation of dishes under the recipes and strict specifications previously established in the Menu and under the Chef, Supervisor, or Manager requirements.


  • Preparation of recipes under the standards of the Property.

  • Preparation of food and beverages following established recipes.

  • Preparation of food and beverages in the necessary times to meet the demands of diners.

  • Maintain food turnover under the "First in and is first out" rules.

  • Check the temperatures of the equipment (cold and/or hot).

  • Assist and maintain the water bath with food at a maximum capacity of 3/4 of the total.

  • Return all unused food to assigned areas under established standards.

  • Assist and work on action plans for the correct use of food. Control waste and record or document information with the Manager, Chef, or Supervisor.

  • Report any issues.


Education and Experience:

  • Have completed technical or university studies (preferable)

  • Evidence of having completed courses in Cooking, Chef or other related areas (Indispensable)

  • Food Handling Course issued by the corresponding Entity (Indispensable)

  • Minimum experience of 6 months (Not limiting)



  • Advanced English (is a plus but)

  • Management of kitchen equipment (must)

  • Handling of kitchen utensils (must)


Skills and aptitudes:

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Proactive

  • Dynamic.

  • Responsible.

  • Availability of time.

  • Honesty.

  • Initiative

  • Ability to manage staff and problem solving

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