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Clean Tec Outsourcing supporting the CFHLA Human Trafficking Luncheon

Human Trafficking is an issue that hurts the World and the US every year, and today we participated in one of the most interesting, still heartbreaking Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association (CFHLA) Luncheons of the year. At our long-time partners property, the beautiful Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive. We heard from the CEO and Founder of The Lifeboat Project, Inc. Jill Cohen and her fantastic team first-hand stories, recommendations, initiatives, and more that they are doing to battle the #humantrafficking in both our region and nationwide.

Clean Tec Outsourcing and Clean Tec Services
Clean Tec Outsourcing and Clean Tec Services(Diego Pedraza, Jimmy Olivero, Jose L Marquez, Sebastian Herrera, Beatriz Dominguez, Zugheily Reyes, Patricia Sulbaran, Filomena Madeiros, Fernando Dominguez)

The Lifeboat project focuses on battling Human trafficking issues. Still, it also goes above and beyond by working with the survivors during their recovery and after, including those older than 18 years, LGBTQI, and those who already have children and need extra support to reinsert themselves into society after such a challenging experience.

They shared beneficial information during their presentation, including a list of Mobile Apps used by Human Traffickers to target and engage with their victims.

If you would like to know more about the Lifeboat Project, make sure you enter their website.

Clean Tec Outsourcing, Clean Tec Services, The Lifeboat Project, and Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association
Beatriz Dominguez (Clean Tec Services), Jill Cohen (The Boatlife Project) Sebastian Herrera (Clean Tec Outsourcing, Fernando Dominguez (Clean Tec Services & Clean Tec Outsourcing), Robert Agrusa (Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association)

We realized there are so many statistics that we ignore, and It was shocking to hear that Florida is in the top 3 states with more cases of Human Trafficking in the nation.

Please share this information, as our responsibility is to create more awareness and support organizations like the Lifeboat project to change those statistics and make Central Florida a safe place for tourists and locals.

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